Expert Group Meeting and the 15th Senior Officials Meeting

Date & Location : 

17-18 March 2010, Tokyo, Japan


Expert Group Meeting on Cooperation and Harmonization of Green Labelling Programmes in North-East Asia

  1. EGM Programme
  2. Discussion Paper on Cooperation and Harmonization of Green Labeling Programmes in North-East Asia

15th Senior Officials Meeting

Provisional Agenda

  1. Opening of the Meeting
  2. Election of officers
  3. Adoption of agenda
  4. Information circular of MCED 6
  5. Review of programme planning and implementation
  6. Consideration of new NEASPEC project proposals
  7. Review of issues concerning the institutional arrangement of NEASPEC
  8. Review of the Core Fund
  9. Venue, date and provisional agenda of the SOM-16
  10. Other matters
  11. Adoption of the conclusion and recommendation of the meeting

NEASPEC Secretariat